Voodoo love Spells that will help you win your love back

Voodoo love spells is a practice done by many all over the world. It has been practiced on for many years. Voodoo spells has been used by people to help them win love back into their life, to enhance other aspects of their life by either warding off people who affect it negativity or help gain love. If love life is an area you feel you need to address then voodoo love spells is definitely the route in which you should take. Voodoo love spells will bring you the love of someone you want and desire. You don’t need to be experienced in this practice to perform a successful voodoo spell. There are of course items you would need in order to do voodoo spells. 

The word ‘vodun’ — the Haitian word ‘Voodoo’ comes from the African Fon Language which is still spoken today in Benin. Vodun means “divinity” or “Idol”.

Voodoo Spells

The history of voodoo does not start, as many people believe around 1500 AD in Haiti, but about 15,000 years before Christ in Africa. Thus, the real source of voodoo is the Egyptian pyramids. These people would later come to be called ‘Yoruba’. They were slaves to the Pharaohs and Kings. These people were later released however they never forgot the unbelievable things that they saw. They had a profound admiration for God and desired to know him.

At that time the Yoruba people crossed from Egypt into Africa, using a route which crossed over into Afica from the Nile and into Niger. In this area of today’s Nigeria, at that time, dwelled a culture called the ‘Nok’. Between 200 and 500 BC, The Yoruba

met the Nok and the two cultures slowly began to merge. Under the leadership of the Yoruba king Oduduwa, the people of Yoruba settled down in the city of Ile-Ife, which was considered a holy city by the natives. Descendant of this nation conquered large areas and laid the foundation of the Yoruba kingdom and spread voodoo through all of his conquered lands.

In 1492 AD Columbus discovered an island, known today as Haiti, which he named “Hispaniola”. Very quickly, the settlers discovered the sugar cane and tobacco, the benefits of cotton and agricultural wealth of Hispaniola. The original inhabitants of Hispaniola, proved to be poor slaves, and very susceptible to diseases. King Charles V of Spain ordered the deportation of 15,000 blacks from Africa to meet the demand of the Spanish colonists in Hispaniola. As indeed belonged to many but not all, of the black slaves of the Yoruba ethnic group, soon began to merge cultures and religions, and laid the foundation for today’s voodoo.

Differences Between Voodoo and Witchcraft

People with no occult knowledge tend to blur the practices of voodoo and witchcraft together, not really understanding that they are very different things.

We already talk a lot about witchcraft here since it is the main topic of this site. But in a nutshell, it is a magickal practice that is not tied to any particular religion or faith system. Though the term can be used for many different types of magick around the world, the kind of witchcraft we are basically covering here is a British / European style. It uses the natural energies within us and within natural elements such as herbs and crystals to make changes in the world.

The fundamental difference between voodoo and witchcraft is the spiritual aspect. As I said, witchcraft is only a practice but Voodoo is a true religion. Their practices revolve around specific beliefs and a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. The main creator spirit is called Olodumare and the rest of the Deities are known as loas (or lwas) and they are considered to be aspects of this greater spirit. For most people, it’s just easier to think of them as Gods or Goddesses.

Voodoo has its origins in western Africa and is a common faith in Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Through the slave trade, it came to the Caribbean and is a common religion in Haiti and Cuba today.

Spellwork is part of Voodoo, and my page of Voodoo spells can show you some good examples of them. Rituals are usually more aggressive than witchcraft, and though spells can be cast by individuals, most rituals for the religion are performed in groups. They are very active rituals and can involve animal sacrifice as well as spiritual possession.

Really, there are many things that make voodoo and witchcraft different, and they can’t be easily summed in just a few bullet points. The main point is that Voodoo is a religion whereas witchcraft is not. They have their own set of beliefs, practices and rituals and though they may seem to overlap in some ways, they are very distinct from each other.


Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo dolls are a well-known magickal tool, though we tend to see them more in pop culture areas like TV shows and movies, so you may not have a really accurate idea of their nature.

We’ve all seen shows that have little Voodoo dolls in them, where someone stabs them with a pin and then the person who the doll is made for jumps in pain. Needless to say, that doesn’t really happen.

But the use of Voodoo dolls in spells and rituals is legitimate, and there are many applications where it makes sense to take this approach. In more traditional witchcraft, they are called poppets.

The function is that the doll represents a certain person and helps you direct your energy and intentions to them specifically. While you can stick pins in a doll or poppet if you want, that’s not really the usual way of using them.

A doll can be sculpted out of clay or wax, or sewn from fabric. You don’t have to be a master artist, but try to make it resemble the person in question (hair and eye color, for example). Add something of theirs if you can. The doll then becomes the focus on your spell. Herbs can be used in the stuffing for added energy, and you can choose the material colors to suit your purpose.

You can use Voodoo dolls in all sorts of spells, from love and healing to bindings and banishings. They aren’t necessarily a black magick item at all. It’s all about how you use them. Some of the spells on this site use poppets:


Payback Poppet

If you’re not familiar with poppets or dolls, you can read up on Voodoo before you keep going with this revenge spell:

Black fabric

Red thread or string

Photo or drawing of person you’re targeting

At least a handful of graveyard dirt

Dried patchouli

Cut a rough person shape from two pieces of black fabric and sew them together with red string to make a poppet. Use more red thread to sew two Xs where the eyes would be. Stitch the pieces of the poppet firmly so the contents don’t leak out between the stitches.

If you are using a drawing to represent someone, make it accurate with features that would distinguish them (proper hair color etc.) and write their full name on the image. Now rip up the picture into little pieces and stuff them all inside the poppet.

Add a good dose of dirt dug from a graveyard (not necessarily a fresh grave, but dirt from within the boundaries of the cemetery) and some patchouli. Give it a little shake to mix the contents and finish sewing it up.

Now bend the two arms together and sew the “hands” to each other. Take the doll and bury it upside down behind your home.

You can bring a little extra cash into your life with this Voodoo spell for money. Gather up the following items:

 A piece of paper money
 Needle and red thread
 A piece of red cloth larger than the bill
 Coarse salt, at least a cup
 Pink candles
 Orange oil
Amber incense

Gently use the needle and thread to sew the dollar bill onto the red cloth. Hang it up on wall, where you can set up the rest of your spell under it.

On a table or altar, sprinkle a thick line of salt to make a square. Set a candle at each corner and light them. Set a little open dish of orange oil in the center. Dip the end of your incense stick into the oil, then light it in a holder outside of the square. Repeat the words out loud:

Pinned to my life evermore
Go with me to every shore
I trade you for another thing
Come back to my pockets bring

Leave the candles and incense burning for an hour, then snuff them out. Leaving everything set up, repeat the spell (lighting candles, incense, words) again for the next 2 days at the same time. Within 15 days, you should have some extra money.

Haitian Voodoo Spells

Haitian voodoo spells aren’t all that unique from the usual brand of voodoo magic, but it’s got a particular Caribbean flair.

Voodoo (or Vodoun) is actually the dominant religion in Haiti, even though we may think of it as an unusual faith here in North America.